Breaking! New Release!

Unabridged, Billy's new Solo Piano CD, is up and available on CD Baby!

The Critics weigh in on “Unabridged”

"On this May 2015 release, he again proves himself as a master of the keyboards – in a BIG way!" Dr. Jazz Review (Rotcod Zzaj)

"Dedicated to the contemporary jazz expression, he leaves the genre limitations behind in his performances, creating his own, extravagant expression, based on free improvisation, the expression which shall not win him a large public for sure." SoundGuardian (Croatia)
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"The discovery of this record by Billy Lester is a beautiful surprise." MusicZoom (Italy)
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"you will much beauty this music contains." JazzQuad (Russia)
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"The music has lots of melodic harmony" O's Place Jazz Newsletter

"Free-form solo piano that's both lucid and riveting" MP3 Music/Amazon

"I found the listen exhilarating" Gapplegate Music Review

Billy Lester's Storytime has been nominated in the 2013 NPR Jazz Critic's Poll